Friday, April 30, 2010


It's great to have so many checking in on this question I put out to creative people of all kinds: How do you define success? Thanks, everyone. In response to some questions, rest assured: I'll be posting my own answer to this question in a day or two. Here's some more Tweets...

AlabamaByrd @PeterAtLarge I define success when one or more of my doodles has a new home inside the smithsonian

closer2theart @PeterAtLarge I don't think fine art is commercial, so the two don't go hand in hand, Success for the fine artist is where your art resides.

rking27 @PeterAtLarge Creativity isn't stifled by having goals. Set goals, accomplish them. Success is subjective I guess. How do you define it?

@PeterAtLarge well for me is not really on material things but a the happiness I felt inside everytime I achieve or done something right.

ryanseslow @PeterAtLarge - by re-defining it as I evolve Peter.

TheJoeNichols @PeterAtLarge doing what you love the way you want and being profitable

@PeterAtLarge Still trying to figure that out. Being able to make the work AND get it out there is the bulk of it, I think.

bakafox @PeterAtLarge Commercially I suppose I'd consider myself a success when I earn enough income to pay my debts, bills & get more supplies.

@PeterAtLarge When people are enjoying the time with my product and after a long time, they're still remember...

AsiaSuperLoop @PeterAtLarge Also, I don't agree that the world is entirely commercial. That's a manufactured delusion that we've consented to.

AsiaSuperLoop @PeterAtLarge Lastly, having a "willing" audience is enough. They can then listen/watch at the frictionless price point. Spam isn't power.

lubzi @PeterAtLarge to continue creating. To seek to be my true self no matter what the price.To pursue goals of the spirit relentlesly & inspire

@PeterAtLarge To me, financial security is the greatest form of success.

Success? I'm searching what come to fruition for me. RT @PeterAtLarge #persistblog If you're a creative person, how do you define success?

hamlesh @PeterAtLarge I am no longer one of those - but when I was, I guess achieving the targets outlined on the assignment?

pintbet @PeterAtLarge Success = having a vision and achieving it
@PeterAtLarge Goodmorning Mr PeterAtLarge.My answer: Just a walking into world's spirit, Success it's the language of the depressed world.

rickderwitsch @PeterAtLarge It changes. Right now *success* lies in the Pleasure that I feel when creating. #persistblog
rickderwitsch @PeterAtLarge Right now *success* resides in the process, without attachment to any outcomes.#persistblog
SrtaMCraftmatic @PeterAtLarge well I really don't think about success,i'm more about happyness and feeling acomplish, success can be as simple as breathing

angusmacphee @PeterAtLarge Success, seeing people reach out side and inside themselves in my classes & my paintings.
angusmacphee @PeterAtLarge Ideally, to get some recognition, selling one's work is worth more than money.

SeverusSumaya @peteratlarge when everyone knows your name for somthing you want to be known for. Money is extra.

@PeterAtLarge being finally known as an artist , make people feel the excitement I feel while painting when they look at a piece of my art

FissionFoto @PeterAtLarge creative success = pushing the envelope + gallery representation, commercial success = selling enough to keep creating

marcjward @PeterAtLarge when you can do something good for someone in the knowing they can never repay you.

@PeterAtLarge That is a good ? For me, success would mean not holding back creatively & breaking thru that fear of not being good enough.

mobymusic @PeterAtLarge peter, this is a very intense question for me. Now at my age, i love doing music, i love the studio.

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