Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fine Art/Commercial Art Discussion Continues...

... in the middle of all which, your friendly "editor" will be gone for the next week on a vacation/speaking tour up north. I hope very much that everyone will continue to Tweet, write Facebook comments, or send in thoughts on our current topic to This will leave me with a great deal of work, I hope, on my return. And, in my absence, I have two able (though regrettably part-time!) assistants who will mind the store for me. Please stay with me, and continue to help me spread the word about Persist: The Blog. I have a lot more questions up my sleeve...

Meantime, here's another handful of Tweets. I have responded to many of them myself, though briefly, within the limitations Twitter imposes. If I don't respond to any of your pearls of wisdom with pearls of my own this week, please understand: I'm on vacation!

cat_net @PeterAtLarge answer of #persistblog question: I prefer the freedom of being a non commercial artist. But I have to live 2 lives 2 survive

@PeterAtLarge I generally agree w/your distinction, but mine might be commercial art=embraces the present & fine art=transcends the present.

roxannegenier @PeterAtLarge I had a chance to meet a lot of famous artists and they all struggle with that question: it as to be a balance between both

artbylmr @PeterAtLarge That is a great distinction. Could also imply mass productin vs. uniqueness.

@PeterAtLarge There's limitations on flyer and poster art, but the line can be blurred or broken - promotional artists can and have done so

waynemcevilly @PeterAtLarge -Yes, great art our ticket into the great numinous embrace-

lubzi @PeterAtLarge art is about awareness of beauty and meaning.
lubzi @PeterAtLarge art is the creative force of the devine chanelled through humans. Can be reflected in every aspect of life. What we say&do&how

loserfish @PeterAtLarge Fine art is more individualistic, each piece has a personality all its own

@PeterAtLarge Fine art is more than invention, it's about passion. Commercial art is about duplication...

harvestworks @PeterAtLarge The lines are blurred more than ever. In spirit though, you are probably correct.

jdhandmade @PeterAtLarge Which is why mine is all different!
@PeterAtLarge Stops it from becoming "a job".

acrimpressions my answer @PeterAtLarge Commercial art is about "Perhaps Money?". Fine art is about "Heart and Soul" Both Creative, but I am no expert

nicktea @PeterAtLarge I feel the lines of fine art and commercial have blurred completely. This is most evident in lowbrow art.

@PeterAtLarge That all depends on whether one is trying to sell one's fine art, at what point does fine art become commercial?

masterhare @PeterAtLarge No commercial whatsoever without invention. And art should be about intervention.

harvestworks @PeterAtLarge possibly a practical distinction. However artist/philosophers have been debating for about 2000 years.

waynemcevilly @PeterAtLarge Fine art is beyond my analytic capacities/ It remains one of our true direct confrontations with the mystery of Being.

@PeterAtLarge it might be that fine art is about expression and statements...

RebeccaHabel @PeterAtLarge @clickartgallery Agreed many fine artists r forced into commercial art because they need the money. Their true art gets lost.

lubzi @PeterAtLarge fine art is about beauty , expression. Invention. Change, communicating feelings and the truth. And much more.

New_Invention Agree on the first part. Fine art is more

@PeterAtLarge The only distinction that I know is between what is art and what is not . #persistblog

bakafox @PeterAtLarge I don't think it's that distinct. Commercial art fails if invention isn't applied.... (another to follow)
bakafox @PeterAtLarge ....and fine artists can be inventive but unless they can produce, they won't make an independent living.

@PeterAtLarge Right You know There are no specific distinction(especially Modern Art). I Think fine art should include commercial art things

JasonGreenPhoto @PeterAtLarge I think commercial art is active/functional while fine art is passive/non-functional is a better distinction #persistblog

@PeterAtLarge D PeterAtLarge Of course. Useful disticntion between what population wants and what things really worth

YavizBasalamah @PeterAtLarge It’s useful. I just hope commercial art can keep its artistic integrity by keeping some balance between aesthetic and profit.

ALEX_McLEOD_ @PeterAtLarge both commercial and fine art should be about production and invention IMHO

@PeterAtLarge the distinction is probably important2 other artists/people with'product knowledge'-there is a gr8ter appreciation 'fine art'.

amycatherineart @PeterAtLarge Spinoza wrote: If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past. I am for invention, fine art.

IntermezzoArts @PeterAtLarge Absolutely. I like that distinction. Will retweet!

@PeterAtLarge I would say commercial art is serial while fine art is unique

FissionFoto @PeterAtLarge commercial art is called "visual communications" by the design dept. at Wash. U....seems fine art can be defined the same way.

@PeterAtLarge both are inventive & used relatively equally. Fine artists & com artists must stay inventive & produce to stay competitive

artistryan @PeterAtLarge do you not have to invent commercial art and produce fine art?

allegro234 @PeterAtLarge #persistblog In one case the art has a price... The other is like MasterCard... it has no price ;)

bloody_skinny @PeterAtLarge commercial art means capitalism. fine art means spiritualism.

@PeterAtLarge True statements and the divide will continue to widen, as the middle class is stretched in either direction.

RascalLee @PeterAtLarge quantity vs quality / Commercial art - Fine art

@PeterAtLarge I don't think it's that black and white. Commercial art can be inventive, no?