Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some last words...

.... on "branding. Received via Twitter:

ReformedBuddha @PeterAtLarge I would say Branding would be much closer to Cultural profiling.

artbylmr @PeterAtLarge Branding is based on identifying traits. That is why we 'brand' livestock. It is just a question of how the brand is used

TrueloveTomorro Rt @PeterAtLarge Do you see "branding" as a useful tool for creative people? do you want to be "branded"? No to both.. i'm a free spirit

artistryan @PeterAtLarge I think that is too much of a stretch. It seems thoughtful for a second but really it is just ponderous. re/racial=branding?

mystockrocks @PeterAtLarge businesses need branding to sell product or service. Its called targeting your market and finding your niche as a business!

sells_annie @PeterAtLarge The ways we define ourselves can be turned against us. SM is a great tool for bridging divides & doesn't see in black & white.

9DKID @PeterAtLarge Yes..If one person looks at someone based on a "particular" thing..that "particular" thing is something they always will have.

richcz3 @PeterAtLarge Branding to Racial tendencies/lifestyle -equal to-Tailoring marketing to "any groups" core views/values, racial or otherwise

FissionFoto @PeterAtLarge #persistblog I don't think racial profiling is branding as branding is self directed and intentional.. rp is not.

virtualcara @PeterAtLarge I think you're confusing something one chooses for themselves with something one came from, with this "profiling".

rjhintz RT @PeterAtLarge: @rjhintz Racial Profiling = Branding? <-- Huh? The differences are pretty stark.

allegro234 @PeterAtLarge Branding exists from Adam & Eve onwards... And it's a question of people and not brands... ;) Thanks for sharing your post!

born2bbold @PeterAtLarge an art style (expression) should be different from a brand of a product if it's not - you're an artist for the wrong reasons
born2bbold @PeterAtLarge I have a degreein Marketing but left the corporate world to become an artist - the two things are very different
born2bbold @PeterAtLarge one is the inner truth, new, fresh, changing - the other is static, perception, manufactured - it leaves no room for growth

YavizBasalamah @PeterAtLarge I think Malcolm Gladwell discussed this in one of his books. I personally feel that branding is good for distinction/exposure.

TheJoeNichols @PeterAtLarge the only limit on the size of audience you reach is your own drive and desire to promote yourself.

jonathanmanness @PeterAtLarge only if it allows time to focus on the artist's craft, otherwise being marketable/profitable is exclusive from becoming better

Hodgeshaven Racial profiling may be necessary to protect us from militants. Art is steeped in the politics of race @artfortune @PeterAtLarge

rjhintz @PeterAtLarge #persistblog "branding" as a useful tool: Branding is for corn flakes, but I'm not posting this dross anonymously
rjhintz @PeterAtLarge The concept of artisan corn flakes, bespoke + industrial process, is worth an Esalen weekend workshop

dianewolfepr @PeterAtLarge Branding is essentially identity. We all have an identity. The question is, is it who we really are and want to be?

TheJoeNichols @PeterAtLarge branded, but sometimes it is necessary in order to reach a larger audience.
TheJoeNichols @PeterAtLarge Branding can be useful for anyone trying to get known regardless of what they are doing. I don't think anyone wants to be...

jonathanmanness @PeterAtLarge Though I would have shunned branding in academia, branding makes artists more marketable and (hopefully) more profitable.

miho103 @PeterAtLarge I am glad if I have you come to like my picture
RebeccaHabel @PeterAtLarge - All PR is good PR - who doesn't know who Tiger Woods is now? LOL

artistryan @PeterAtLarge can't worry about it like that...just gotta do what I do

studioloraine Hi @PeterAtLarge I don't feel like I am "branding" - want to let others know where I will be for the largest open studio event in N America.

RebeccaHabel @PeterAtLarge - Personal branding downside? Look at the gen. media to see what happens when someone loses favour, but it's still publicity.

Nomariel @PeterAtLarge :Is very nice thing for artist.Michelangelo was a brand of his time.But now brand is not about best of the best,unfortunately
Nomariel @PeterAtLarge U now,he was like supermind.He do so many things,was best example for people - true artist.
Nomariel @PeterAtLarge Today's artist can strike on any shit. Good PR and U a star.

SukhiiDudrah @PeterAtLarge I get branded on a daily basis, I guess its just the way the economy works, but then its what makes me genetically different.

RebeccaHabel @PeterAtLarge INteresting question - branding is good for advertising. I guess a personal brand is fine if that is what you are aiming for

martin_whelan @PeterAtLarge personal branding is important to everyone,to some creatives,it is essential.the level of which differs w/ everyones situation

MAXIDUS @PeterAtLarge we're all branded. the question, do we know it & how can we use it.

AsiaSuperLoop @PeterAtLarge Branding is the shorthand symbology of trust. But in business it's a box.
AsiaSuperLoop @PeterAtLarge So creativity can and should be marketed but with flexibility and, to use a word, humanity. Compassion too?

ArtbyAmberD @PeterAtLarge do I want to be branded?.... NO! Is it useful? to an extent, depending on your style of art I suppose.

iTweetArt @PeterAtLarge after 16 yrs in advertising, it's hard not to see that it's something we all do in tiny ways at least, depends on definition
iTweetArt @PeterAtLarge if it's so people recognize my particular style in my artwork, then yes, I do

recybo @PeterAtLarge I guess branding is not useful by definition. I want to be happy. How 'bout you?

born2bbold @PeterAtLarge yes and no! It is useful to be distinctive but creative ppl don't want to be pigeon holed..

ValeriaZichella @PeterAtLarge GOD morning! I don't think branding it's an useful thing.It's enough4me to be world's branding, beeing myself.V.Z.

loserfish @PeterAtLarge ....eh....it can be useful fi your trying to sell something

CrEEp3r @PeterAtLarge Brands are a tool to give the people the "guarantee" to buy a good product. Yes I would like to be "branded" ^^.

MashaArcher @PeterAtLarge No,Do Not want to be Branded

iSiiGH @PeterAtLarge yeah i guess that would be accurate...I am not a brand more than i am so much a lifestyle i like not having a owner right now

Enuriru @PeterAtLarge I think "branding" is a useful for very talanted and famous artists, but not for ordinary people :)

lubzi Deffinetly. I already have a personal brand: GeekyArtistArabWoman RT @PeterAtLarge: RE #persistblog"branding" tool for creative people


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