Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More on Success

From Walter Paul Benirian (via Facebook)

"I see your plan - but I think that there just may be too many steps - sometimes if you capture something as it is coming to you - you will be much better off than if you place yourself somewhere and wait for that same something to come in the direction that you envisioned it to come -

now success in this commercial world - I am actually not sure if we are living in the same world as when the world that we were living in was defined as a commercial world - there are many facets of life that are simply changing right in front of us and as that happens the actual dimensions and nature of the world we are living in is changing -

so with that perspective in view - I would say that feeling comfortable in whatever surroundings that I find myself in would be considered as being successful for me -

at this moment in time I am very comfortable writing in this particular space -

thank you!


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