Monday, May 10, 2010

Success: The Last Word (For Now)

A few more tweets on the topic of "success." I have a new one coming up shortly. Meantime, let's give this handful of tweeters the last word:

MashaArcher @PeterAtLarge Enjoying what I am doing and expressing myself through my art

infini_GK @PeterAtLarge To answer your question; your question is too hard for me^^ I havent seriously thought about what success means.

Wyzenhu @PeterAtLarge I would define success as aquiring popularity, money and fame at the same time. Being recognized for your abilities and skills

artistatlarge @PeterAtLarge That's a big question for 140 characters! #persistblog

salessleuth @PeterAtLarge Success is being who you want to be and having what you want to have. Yes, homeless people can be a success.

dgravonartbooks @PeterAtLarge success should not be defined as $ or status but how one grows and learns. The will to be/do what you want & benefit others

jonahhphoto @PeterAtLarge ...making a decent living with doing what you love :)

Daysbydays @PeterAtLarge simply work hard on somethin we like, and do not ever give up! and then success appears sooner or later :] x

sells_annie @PeterAtLarge I define success as the fulfillment of God-given potential & that often means trying things you hate to see their true value.

And thanks to all who took the time and trouble to think about this and respond!

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