Friday, May 21, 2010

Branding: A Different View

Through the mysterious graces of the cybersphere, I was contacted with the request for an interview by Greg Spalenka, who takes a very different view of branding than I do. As you'll see from his website, Artist as Brand, he promotes the notion that an artist deserves prosperity (I agree!) and that prosperity awaits those artists who believe in themselves and set their sights on it (I'm not so sure; I tend to think that the rewards may have to be other than material. I stand to be convinced...) Branding, he argues, is a proven and legitimate path to success. Curiously, as you'll see if you explore his site a bit, though we arrive at different (though perhaps, paradoxically related) conclusions, we come at this thing from a good deal of common ground. We certainly address the same issues, and a telephone conversation this afternoon revealed numerous mutual interests and sympathies. Anyway, I completed Greg's interview, and it's scheduled to appear on his blog some time early next week. I'm sure I'll be posting a link. Take a look at what he has to say.


Spender said...

“Greg Spalenka shows you how to align your core values to your career goals..."

I think if I was 20 or maybe even 30 that promise of connection and direction would strike a cord in me. Greg appears to have nailed how to take reality and make it profitable. Good on you Brother!

As I approach 60 my core values are well set and not in need of alignment. All career goals have been met or not, mostly not, and it is too late for a new career, one that will pay the rent, when my body and mind's ability to do so is spent, is gone, is done.

So this is not a discussion for me, or about me.

So why am I sticking my big nose into it?

I feel jealous and hurt. I missed out and now I can't miss an opportunity to write something about something that means something to someone, somewhere.

Thanks for listening.

Greg Spalenka said...

It's never too late to re-align, and re-invent yourself. Just takes some desire and volition. My parents are in their 70's and are contemplating a yoga practice for the first time in their life! I just worked with them on their core virtues a month ago, and the light that turned on in their eyes, and their smiles brought tears to mine.

Carpe Diem!

Spender said...

Nice! For me that would be adding some decoration to the frosting on the cake. I have no problem with that.

I've started writing, creatively, intentionally, with a view to expression that goes beyond the borders of the pages of my journals, hopefully to the hearts of others, for the first time in my life.

I've taken up the Native American Flute and other things, such as posting comments on blogs, that I've finally give myself permission to pursue with a mission.

I do these new "frosting and decoration" things on the foundation deep in my core, a cake well baked, a mountain big and solid and rich with ore for me to mine.

I am glad you are able to guide those who need the help. It's a good thing.

Thanks for listening


Meltemi. said...

It is important to have an art-vision about where you will take your art. be different. be bold. Be colourful.Stick with it, be persistent, paint daily, if you can. Do not sell your soul with the prints.
Have self-respect and integrity in all of your artistic & personal dealings. By all means listen to advice but only incorporate those elements compatible with your core-beliefs.