Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Branding: Tweets

Lots of tweets on branding. Here's a selection:

FissionFoto @PeterAtLarge Branding seems a bit "uncreative", perhaps if an artist focused on developing a body of work, that would suffice as a brand?

nicktea @PeterAtLarge I think it is very useful for creative people to create a "brand" out of their name or otherwise. Nick Treadway is my brand.

sells_annie @PeterAtLarge Branding is useful for EVERYONE who offers a product or service. We all have traits and skills that set us apart.

virtualcara @PeterAtLarge branding is BS imho, if you or your work can't stand by itself need to rethink the core product, not just how you present.

iPfHSara @PeterAtLarge Yes! "Branding" makes products/services recognizable as coming from a specific source & helps cultivate a loyalty & trust

allegro234 @denisevasquez @PeterAtLarge #persistblogBranding is for objects, identity + image for people...http://bit.ly/dnoSgZ ;)

PremierAirport @PeterAtLarge It is a very useful tool and to become a recognised brand means success. We would love to become a recognised brand

iSiiGH @PeterAtLarge #persistblog i wish we lived in a wrld where we didn't have2but if you don't protect n brand u can n will be left in the cold

marcjward @PeterAtLarge This is me, this is my BRAND, if I am branded in either a positive or a negative way, then I have succeeded!

mommadona .@PeterAtLarge it's a quandry ~ i dont want to be, but i will be because of who i am and what i do ~ thankfully my free will choice

artbylmr @PeterAtLarge I think branding is always important. I try to use my name as my brand.

CherryJordaine @PeterAtLarge if you own a brand I believe it to be your own stepping stone of accomplishment. But I do not want someone else to brand me.

roxannegenier @PeterAtLarge i think everything you do or put out there (facebook, twitter, etc) creates your brand regardless of if you want it or not.

wright_williams @PeterAtLarge I do see it as a useful tool. It helps generate publicity, even if its unwarranted.http://wrightwilliams.org #persistblog

richcz3 @PeterAtLarge Branding as an individual "Talent" or user of "X" brand? The former rather than the later- spotlight Style/Persective

julliaH @PeterAtLarge branded? for creative people the creativity should be the brand.. and not a certain name.. I guess.. what's your opinion?

RascalLee @PeterAtLarge freedoms & rights to original innovations are good is me thinknz is that what meaning branding is ...

dyvantity @PeterAtLarge Great question Peter. Actually I'm really pessimistic about this world emptied of its sense
dyvantity @PeterAtLarge Religion has been replaced by modernism/science as we became as master and owner of nature
dyvantity @PeterAtLarge but today, we're understanding that nature is not ours (it's leaving because of us)
dyvantity @PeterAtLarge So in this world of uncertainity, brands sell sense through ads... scaring don't you think?

ReformedBuddha @PeterAtLarge #persistblog It's important to do things that aren't already being done, to speak for those who don't have a voice in the comm

ymerej @PeterAtLarge #persistblog Branding as far as photographic style is important, 4 examples see any ad from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch

@PeterAtLarge that depends on the type of work ones do, im my case I work with peoples with disabilities and I dont think I would like that

Ankolie @PeterAtLarge wise branding is useful for it helps people to recoginze you by your graphic identity

mystockrocks @PeterAtLarge without branding MANY graphic designers and agencies would be out of work. Its about creating an professional image for XYZ co

acrimpressions @PeterAtLarge my brand is the back of my husbands hand... jk jk jk ha ha LOL

nanoart @PeterAtLarge thanks for mention branding is important #persistblog

9DKID @PeterAtLarge yea Peter branding is useful..if I'm going to get branded I want a "property of 9dkid" on my arse

My own tweet:

A brand? A mark seared into living flesh with a redhot iron to assert ownership. As in cattle. Or slaves. A nice metaphor, eh? Think about it. Sizzle!

Okay, that's a few characters too long. I had to condense a bit, but that's the intent of it.



Rachel Heath said...

Very cute =0) you added my funny comment acrimpressions R.H.

PeterAtLarge said...

Hello, Rachel. Thanks for checking in on the blog!

Rachel Heath said...

It's different and interesting =0) R.H.