Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still More Tweets...

... and tomorrow, I promise, my own thoughts about success!

Nomariel @PeterAtLarge money not main thing for me,as possibility to express.If my creativity affects other creative people,that will be my success
Nomariel @PeterAtLarge And certainly I have a work on which I draw for money.

Sweetbearies @PeterAtLarge Commercialism does not define me. Being successful means you are creative above and beyond that. Make art for youself.

@PeterAtLarge I am a pianist and I define success as blessing people with the messages of the immortal messengers of music -

sandynay @PeterAtLarge success can b measured by self satisfaction-task/ job "that u r proud of" as has met or exceeded expectations- :-)

roxannegenier @PeterAtLarge sucess comes in many ways. For me, it has always been about achieving what I always thought was unachievable

karlioriordan @PeterAtLarge well. I can express my feelings, my secrets, I say all but I don't say nothing, do you understand me??

NIKANGEL667 @PeterAtLarge success= bringing a creative situation from thought to reality

@PeterAtLarge I define success on how well of a job I'm doing raising my kids and how smooth things are running in my happiness

ZillowPillows @PeterAtLarge I imagine since I'm plugging away at my MFA in creative writing and making pillows-I'd define success as getting anything done

EddaSays @PeterAtLarge Dependent, consistent success rate, diplomatic, and fair-minded are a few that come to mind.

@PeterAtLarge I would probably say, an attainment that is successful in an individual or even a state of prosperity if that makes sense?

DanceQueenWeezy @PeterAtLarge Success- convincing yet dishonest with confidents to only sale instead of prevail with real success with god! if in commercial

@PeterAtLarge Being innovative within the world we partake in and creating work that speaks about contemporary concepts -Learning to SEE.

Ben Thompkins:

Success is when you can make a living doing your creative passion.

Snowy Shaw:

That I'm able to keep doing what I love doing and at the same time earning a living from it.
Money buys you the freedom to perform and perfecting your art and music, and that I think is a previlege worth striving for.
Whereas I think it's really tragic if all one does is measuring success in figures and dollars.

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