Monday, January 10, 2011

Please Note...

... that I'll be gone for eight days starting today, Friday, January 7th. It's actually Ellie's birthday, and we have been planning this trip for some time. We are joining a National Geographic cruise in Costa Rica and Panama, and hope to learn about the flora and fauna of the rain forests there, amongst other things. I have no idea what kind of Internet access I might have, or what choices I will make about "The Buddha Diaries." In the past, as many readers know, I have kept up, pretty much day to day, with text and pictures. But this is quite a demanding and time-consuming task, and I'm not yet sure I'll be up for it, even if the access is available. I may choose to keep notes along the way, and write it all in a sequential blog entry when I get home. In any event, I'll be back at my desk on Monday, January 16, so if I disappear for a while, I hope you'll rejoin me then.

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