Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mission/The Brand

It's a rare thing, in my experience, to meet up with an online chum "in the flesh," out here in the real world. So it was a special pleasure to sit down over lunch yesterday with Greg Spalenka, whose Artist as Brand site I have watched with particular interest since I have quarreled, as regular readers will know, with the whole concept of "branding." Greg brings a redoubtable reputation as artist and illustrator to his commitment to helping others make the most of their creative potential. We found that we had much in common--including a number of the institutions where we have studied, worked, or lectured: Otis College of Art and Design, the Art Center College of Design, the Laguna College of Art and Design... And we found a good deal of common ground in how we think about art, artists, and the creative process in which we are involved. I discovered, for instance, that Greg's concept of "brand" is really not that much different from my own understanding of "mission." It's a sense of dedication, a passion, a singleness of purpose, a particularity of vision; in Joseph Campbell's terminology, perhaps the "bliss" he would have us follow.

Greg is promulgating his passion not only through his website, but also through workshops and individual counseling. His workshops, as you'll discover if you visit the website, are offered at locations throughout the country, and Greg is eager and ready to take on the globe with his creative vision. To judge from first impressions, I'd guess he has the energy and the skills to do just that; and we need such positive energy in our suffering world. In the meantime, we talked about the possibility of my making a contribution to one of his upcoming workshops in the Southern California area, in the form of a short lecture or presentation. Should this happen, I'll be sure to put out word.

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Greg Spalenka said...

It was an honor and a joy to meet you my new found friend! Incredibly inspiring to align with a like minded soul in life and art. Onward and upwards.