Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Quick Note...

... for today.

First, I'm sure that readers of Persist: The Blog will share my interest in aesthetics. This can be a dry and tedious field of philosophical inquiry, but there's also a great number of interesting issues at stake. If you missed it, check out my brief advance
review of Leonard Koren's soon-to-be published book with the provocative title, which aesthetics do you mean? ten definitions, posted yesterday on The Buddha Diaries. Koren combines word and image in a slim, readable volume, off
ering an elegant, sometimes playful engagement with ideas. As a teaser, let me ask if you know about wabi-sabi?

Also today, Emily and I are working on an interview we received just yesterday from Jurgen Wolff, and plan to get it posted early next week. In case you don't know of Jurgen and his work, he is a highly successful scriptwriter for film and television who has also devoted considerable time and energy to writing books about his methods and advising aspiring writers about the creative process. He's also a trained hypnotherapist, who brings that skill to his work in counseling, and a widely known workshop facilitator. I hope you'll look forward to meeting him on Persist: The Blog next week.

If you would like to explore his various sites you can visit the following links:

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